CNC Router Service For Custom Millwork

CNC Custom Machining

Metalworking and fabrication have been done by numerical control since the late 1940s. It wasn’t until the 1960s that Computer Numerical Control (CNC) was developed. And today, we have the CNC router, which offers improvements in accuracy, efficiency, and safety. CNC routers increase productivity without losing precision by producing custom items in a short amount of time.

Smart Choice Kitchens CNC router service uses high-speed, cutting edge technology to produce high-quality, custom products for both residential and commercial customers. We work with a variety of clients, including industrial businesses, carpenters, craftspeople, and even the casual DIY fan. Our main business is consumer kitchen remodels, but we often work with other builders and construction companies.

We service the following types of projects:

  • Interior decorating
  • Custom prototypes
  • Craftsmanship projects
  • Industrial projects
  • Architectural and engineering services

From custom art designs for interior decorators to industrial projects, Smart Choice Kitchens has you covered. We process  medium-density fiberboard (MDF) cabinets, shelving and moldings. With our 5X10 CNC router machine, our team of professionals offers fast turnaround times for short runs.

Commercial Contractors

Our short runs mean that we can accommodate low minimum orders without sacrificing quality and accuracy. Our state-of-the-art router machine is equipped with a registration mark system and a high-grade camera for ultra precision. We provide cutting for a wide range of projects from renovations to new custom products. We can provide custom cabinets for your kitchen while also producing oversized architectural facade panels for commercial construction contractors.

We offer in-house AutoCAD designs and we work with the following file types:
• AutoCAD
• AI

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CNC Router Inlays

The team at Smart Choice Kitchens creates custom inlays using a variety of different materials in many shapes and sizes. Through the use of CNC technology, we create beautiful custom furniture and kitchen cabinets. The accuracy of our router results in high-aesthetic value finishes with a unique touch.

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Custom Cabinets and Doors

Cabinets and shelves made in any size and shape or style. If you need additional cabinets or shelves in a specific design we can match your existing cabinets. Looking for a style not available in ready-made? Send us a picture and we can quote on a finished product.

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Foam Board Knife Cutting and Routing

We offer both routing and knife cutting capacity on foam board materials. We can cut foam boards with sharp angles and complex shapes. When we work on foam board, we use knife cutting tools designed to work with our digital CNC router. We recommend foam boards for many of our temporary projects such as display boards.

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CNC Router

Custom finishes with rapid turnaround. Our CNC machine and computer programing ensures accuracy and consistent product quality while being cost effective.

We have the experience and team to manage small residential jobs and large commercial projects with quick turnaround times.

Send your design for cabinets, closets, or shelving and we will send you a custom quote

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