Kelowna Custom Shaker Cabinet Doors

Custom Shaker Cabinet Doors

Our most popular cabinet doors for kitchens, bathrooms and pantries.  Shaker doors are noted by the 5 piece door and recessed center panel. Some shakers are plain and elegant while others are more decorative. The drawers can be a modern design with a plain slab or have the same 5 piece design as the doors.

*Please note showroom samples are in MDF

Kitchen Renovations with Shaker Doors


The kitchen is the center point for any home. The value and saleability of any home are much more determined by the style, size, and design of the kitchen.

The fixtures and fittings in a kitchen are key in this regard, any defects and poor choice of appliances will affect the value of the kitchen. Modern kitchens are increasingly embracing styles that are simple yet classic.

Smart Choice Kitchens specializing in Shaker cabinet doors

With the increased use of technology, traditional styles are back in the market. Several companies specialize in shaker types of cabinets because of their simplicity and elegance.

Customers have taken to the traditional style to merge with new designs to create unique personalized styles that are contemporary.

Traditional Designs

Traditional door designs have stood the test of time. This door is a Flat paneled door with four panels that make up the door frame. This design gives it strength and with no decorations on it.

It is traditional, elegant, and practical. They have clean cuts that bring out a very sophisticated finish and clean feel to them. The classic look is loved by many.


These flat-paneled, unadorned doors have been around for a while, from way back around 1774. A design that is simple and modest. The door originated from a community – the Mount Lebanon Shakers Society born in the United Kingdom but emigrated into the United States of America.

They were later called the shakers after their ecstatic dance moves displayed by the early believers after Christ’s first appearance. They were gifted craftsmen, and their furniture was called shakers.

They believed that any adornments on their furniture offended God. As a result, they made simple and practical furniture for their use.

2021 Styles

Having stood the test of time, the traditional doors of the 1800s hailed for their simple, but strong design with no decorations are still in demand in 2021. The clean cuts and minimalistic approach push it into the contemporary realm, given it has been there for hundreds of years.

In 2021 clients are still yearning to get a classic, elegant and practical look in their doors, which puts shakers in a perfect range for them. Equally, they create a transitional design look from traditional.

Remodeling Your Kitchen By Refacing

Refacing is replacing the cabinet doors, hinges, fronts, and skinning cabinet skins, all geared to achieve a new look. Refacing helps achieve a new look at half the price while retaining retain the old kitchen layout.

Before you consider refacing, your cabinet doors must have been well constructed and in a good shape, that way, refacing will give it a new sleek look. It is also convenient, and the kitchen remains in use as the work continues as you don’t need to move appliances.

Replace with New Cabinet Doors

New doors are another option and can be ordered in any style. It is an option to consider, especially when you need to change the design and layout of your kitchen. The beauty of a new design is the freedom to choose and laying out a new modern and contemporary look. Send us a photo or sketch of the style of door and Smart Choice Kitchens will send you a quote.

Smart Choice Kitchens cut and install any design. Cabinet doors usually experience the most wear and tear from scratches, constant opening, and effects of sunlight and other weather elements.

Resale Value of Home

The quite obvious change of design to a clean-cut cabinet door with no adornments will improve your resale value. The kitchen is the center point for a home sale. If your doors are in a clean, sleek look, it will improve your resale value, and your home will be a hot cake in the market.

These cabinet types bring out the simple, minimalistic yet classic, and very elegant look to your kitchen. When considering resale, this is the desired result. Buyers must feel that the look is classic, clean-cut, and sophisticated all in one, and shakers give this result effortlessly.

Updating Bathrooms

Bathrooms, because of exposure to water a lot, experience very rapid wear and tear. If your bathroom fixtures and fitting are in excellent shape and need no replacing, then it is prudent to consider the simple yet elegant cabinet doors.

The transitional shakers can be installed while maintaining the prior style but give it a new elegant look. The doors will undoubtedly change the look of the bathroom and give the room some elegance. Bathroom doors should be treated considering the water.

Benefits of Smart Choice Kitchens CNC Router

The use of a CNC Router for cabinet doors is critical as it will provide clean-cut doors with no deformation. The machine will cut the drawings into precision with little or no error. This gives the cabinet doors a sleek, clean look that is appealing.

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