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SmartChoice Kitchens frequently works with customers looking for miter cabinet doors. Using the miter enables our technicians to add customized designs, elegant presentations, and highlight visually stunning artistry. Mitered doors are what set apart expert-made products from those that are mass manufactured.

*Please note showroom samples are in MDF.

Maple Cornerbead

Chocolate Lyptus

Ash Mullion Glass Frame

Andover East Maple

Andover Cherry

Vintage Black Walnut

Ash Shaker

V Joint Western Birch

V Joint East Birch

Shaker Eastern Maple

Rift White Oak Shaker

Ogee East Maple

Ogee Brazilian Cherry

Natural Heart Birch

Natural Eastern Maple

Heritage Clear Pine

Flat Shaker Eastern Maple

Cornerbead Poplar

Clear Hemlock Shaker

Bubble Euro Steamed Beech

Crystal Mitered Western Birch

Victorian West Birch

Victorian Cherry

Nottingham Eastern Maple

Andover Mitered V.G. Fir

Why We Refuse to Outsource the Manufacturing of Miter Cabinet Doors


Two words: quality control. Mitering doors takes time, skill, and experience. Moreover, it calls for a unique approach to each wood type, which becomes evident in our specialists’ ability to coax a beautiful finish out of various materials.


Victorian styles


Your standard cabinet door consists of stiles, rails, and panels. While stile and rail manufacturing look at the ways we put together the frames for the panels, mitering focus the attention on the panel itself. Our technicians routinely create raised, flat, and custom mitered cabinet doors.


A raised display creates multiple planes that give doors their three-dimensional appeal. Customers hoping to recreate Victorian multi-colored or shaded door fronts cannot go wrong with this method. It also works wonderfully when giving the furnishings a distressed look.


While still 3D, flat manufacturing methods deal with panels that do not jut out on their own. It is ideally suited for Shaker styles, rustic presentations, and the incorporation of nautical style elements.


Choose a Profile That Fits


We often work with customers who know they want a mitered cabinet door but are unsure of the actual profile they prefer. Our technicians will gladly introduce you to the different profiles that include standard and molded outside edges, French designs, and some of the more ornate looks that could be ideal for customizing a cabinet door to look like a period piece.


Of course, there is no need to stop the design process at this juncture. Consider adding a rout pattern for the center face that continues a design or pattern you might have around the room. Examples include standard “X” features and the more intricate Greek key. If you plan to include glass panes into the panels, we can prepare a mitered framing for them, too.


SmartChoice Kitchens welcomes the opportunity to walk you through the design process of a set of doors that could be perfect for your interior décor. Contact us today!

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