Traditional Stile & Rail – Cabinet Doors

Smart Choice Kitchens is at the forefront of designing and producing customized stile and rail cabinet doors. Our customers choose from flat, raised, or customized designs suitable for kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, and built-in shelving.

*Please note showroom samples are in MDF.

Worn Wood Knotty Alder

Walnut Cross Shaker East Maple

Vintage Knotty Alder

V Joint Hickory

V Joint East Maple

Tempe Eastern Maple

Shaker Western Birch

Shaker Knotty Alder

Shaker East Maple

Rockport Cherry

Rockport Black Walnut

Quarter Sawn Cherry 3 Piece

Natural Knotty Alder

Natural Hickory Shaker

Knotty Pine Shaker

Fruit Wood Eastern Maple

Bubble Knotty Hemlock

Acadia White Oak

1/4 Sawn Cherry Custom

1/4 cut White Oak V Joint

Cherry 3 in. Crystal

Shakered Miter Eastern Maple

Round White Oak

Roman Mitered Knotty Alder

Regal Western Birch

Mitered Clear Alder

Mitered Bubble Lyptus

Featherstone Eastern Maple

Eastern Maple Channel Bead

Double V Milter Clear Alder

Wormey Maple Slab (Wood not available)

V Joint Wormey Maple (Wood not available)

Standard Cherry

Select West Birch

Round Raised MDF

Maple Edge Taped

Maple 3mm Face Grain

Face Grain Plyboo

Custom Western Birch

Brookside Rift White Oak

Amber Edge Grain Plyboo

3mm Quarter Sawn Maple

Whistler Fir

V Joint Rustic Cherry

Standard Oak

Shaker Eastern Maple

Rift White Oak Shaker

Ogee Knotty Pine

Cornerbead Hemlock

Classic White Oak

Classic Oak

Bubble Reclaimed

Bubble Heart Birch

How it Works


A cabinet door has five components. There is a panel that sits in the middle. Next, two stiles – one on each side – are attached. Finally, two rails attach to the top and bottom. Although this sounds simple, using a router with custom bits allows for fantastic customization of each product aspect. Our technicians finish the production process by inserting the panel into the frame so that it floats freely.


Choose Your Panel


Customers frequently favor the insertion of a raised panel that allows parts of the surface to be flush with the stiles. Of course, if you prefer the application of molding, the use of a flat panel is a better option. By the way, flat panels also look good between the rails when you want to draw attention to the rails and stiles’ intricacies, and they are the real eye candy.


Which Design is Right for Your Needs?


Butt joint construction is a favorite for cabinets with raised panels. Depending on the wood you select, it can be the perfect way to enhance the material’s beauty and bring out the grain. Standard oak and eastern maple are two types of wood that look great. With the growing popularity of reclaimed wood, consider this setup also when working with materials coming from other uses. The result is a cabinet door that has a distinct rustic appeal or old-world appeal.


For a contemporary look, we recommend using the cope and stick manufacturing technique. It creates a groove with a responding slot that results in an overlap of the wood pieces. It is another manufacturing option for a raised panel display. Due to its contemporary visual appeal, it is a favorite in kitchen and office cabinets.


Mitered joints are excellent for flat panel designs. In this scenario, our technicians cut the rails and stiles to have a 45-degree angle, leading to a visually attractive 90-degree diagonal joint. It is a must for most Shaker designs, the use of knotty alder, and any cabinet that may include a mixed media design.


Whether you are thinking of ordering an Ogee look, favor the Shaker stile’s clean lines, or envision kitchen cabinets with a quirked bead, we can help. Contact SmartChoice Kitchens today!

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