Kasugai Gardens


The garden was completed in 1987 to show Kelowna’s friendship and unity with its sister city in Kasugai, Japan. Roy Tanaka, who died in 1995 and for whom a statue stands in his honor for his major role in the sister city friendship, looked after the garden.

Plants of note

Menagerie Blossom, Bonsai Flowering quince, Weigela, Japanese pittosporum, Yew, Japanese barberry The Kasugai Gardens are a haven in the middle of the bustling city. When you first enter the park, you’ll notice the significant Circle of Friendship monument. This was created by Dutch artist Geert Maas as a tribute to Yukihisa (Roy) Tanaka, who dedicated his life to helping to improve Canada-Japan relations.

Take a break from your tiring work and visit the Kasugai Garden Park, one of Kelowna, British Columbia most unique parks.

Japanese gardens, in general, are based on ancient Japanese philosophies and aesthetics and are frequently built using aged/distressed materials to create sparse bridges and benches that do not interrupt the natural setting. Stone lanterns, wooden bridges, waterfalls, ponds, diverse flora, and other natural ornaments are frequently included. The overall impact is calm and tranquil, allowing for quiet conversation or time for meditation or reflection. The ideas behind them and the actual design and nurturing of them date back over a thousand years.

Bridges, stone lanterns, and a Zen Garden made of rocks surrounded by raked sand can all be found here. Children like drinking from a wooden fountain and looking for Koi in the pond.

As an ancient society, Japan has gone through several periods, including the well-known Edo and Meiji periods, each reflected in the gardens of the era. While there are many beautiful books about the variety of these particular places, Kelowna is fortunate to have one such garden right in the town, which is open to the public and free entrance fee.

Stone lanterns, pine trees, waterfalls, and a pond stocked with Koi are among the park’s classic Japanese garden features. It’s a lovely blend of stone, pathways, plants, and water.

 Seasonal Hours

The gardens have opened for the season and will be open until September 30th, 2021

 Spring Season

Opens in Early March

9:00 am to 5:00 pm daily

 Summer Season

Starting Victoria Day Weekend

9:00 am to 8:00 pm daily

 Fall Season

Following Labour Day

9:00 am – 5:00 pm

 Winter Season

From October 1st to Early March


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