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Smooth Surface Production

Smart Choice Kitchens producing high-quality products at the best prices is a reflection of our family’s vision, and remains at the heart of our organizational culture to this day.


With 40 years of experience serving our clients, retailers, and distributors across the provinces, we have developed a management philosophy designed to promote long-term relations with our customers and partners. Smart Choice Kitchens is proud of all our partnerships, some of which have lasted for decades. The designers, architects, and end clients that trust us know that they can expect only the highest quality, durability, and aesthetic appeal from our acrylic solid surfaces.

All our products are made from 100 % resin, and this includes the chips embedded in our patterned sheets. Our countertops renowned for its social responsibility and adherence to the most advanced standards.

We hold an NSF-51 global food safety standards certification in addition to being GreenGuard Gold certification. GreenGuard Gold, formerly known as GREENGUARD Children and Schools certification, represents the highest standards for air quality.

It is a necessary certification that signifies the safety of our products for sensitive individuals such as the elderly and children and is noted as an important standard by both the Environmental Design Building Rating System (LEEDS) and the Collaborative for High-Performance Schools (CHIPS).

  • Qualities and Applications of Meganite Products
  • Unique customization possibilities
  • Suitable for multiple environments
  • For use in vertical as well as horizontal surfaces
  • Suitable in shower systems
  • Innovative design installations
  • Suitable for healthcare counters
  • Suitable for use in high touch frequency surfaces and worktops
  • High durability – Scratches can easily be buffed out
  • Hygiene – Our products are resistant to mildew, mold, and bacteria
  • Stain resistance – Our products will not absorb odors and colors in the way that other surfaces do
  • Low maintenance – Unlike natural stone surfaces, our products do not require resealing

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Exceptional Healthcare Standards

Our solid surfaces will not only offer high performance, but they will also do so in an aesthetically pleasing and exceedingly hygienic way. Wherever stringent hygiene standards are required, you can rely on Meganite solid surfaces.


Our AcryMed solid surface material is an advanced antimicrobial that will provide protection from the bacteria that tend to infest high-touch surfaces.

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Sustainable Living

We believe in living in a sustainable way, and we believe our clients hold the same belief. As part of our role in promoting this lifestyle, our Meganite Recycled Series is ranked as a LEED point contributor. We are also GREENGUARD certified for air quality suitable for sensitive individuals such as children and the elderly.


Our scratch-resistant, hygienic, and highly durable solid surfaces will provide you with many years of service, eliminating the need for necessary waste filling or landfills. Customers will enjoy exceedingly minimal maintenance costs with our solid surfaces, and their antimicrobial properties will keep your surfaces free of any potentially dangerous bacteria and microbes.


No matter how aged your solid surfaces might come to be, they can be readily restored to a high shine without any loss of quality. Scratches and blemishes that might appear on the surfaces (a rare occurrence) can easily be buffed out. At the same time, more severe damage can be handled by specialists capable of restoring the surfaces to new conditions.

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Innovative Color Schemes

Our design team works in partnership with world-class colorists to keep up with the latest global design and color trends. The patterns we develop for our clients are at the cutting edge of global style preferences. Should you be a global brand seeking to turn their ideas into acrylic solid surface designs, we are the right partners for you.



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Partnerships For The Future

Customers have various individual needs and preferences, and our mission is to satisfy them all. Global franchises, hospitals, luxury brands, hotels, and more rely on us to deliver solid surfaces that meet and exceed their style, hygiene, and durability requirements. We enter into long-term partnerships with our clients with the aim of contributing to their convenience and success.


Customized or boutique projects are not out of our reach, and we’re always happy to listen to your needs. From luxury designers seeking to remodel their showrooms across the country to hospital cabinet systems manufacturers, we have been able to provide effective solid surface solutions that fit the requirements of all our clients, big or small.

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For all your solid surface needs and requirements, don’t hesitate to make Smart Choice Kitchens your partner. Call us if you have any questions or concerns, and we’ll help you figure out how you can realize your vision.

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