Thermofoil does not mean that you will have metal content in the cabinet covers. Making Thermofoil cabinets involves molding vinyl over MDF (Medium Density Fiber Board) or engineered wood. They apply flexible vinyl over MDF by heating and molding it. You get a smooth surface finish as compared to a painted surface. Moreover, it also resists chipping more effectively.
It means you can get a new look for your cabinets with the Thermofoil process at a lower cost. You do not have to remodel the entire kitchen. Give a new face to your kitchen by keeping the existing cabinets and replacing the front panels with Thermofoil.


It is mid to high-range pricing option for kitchen cabinets, and perhaps you have already got lacquered cabinets if your existing cabinets are factory finished. Lacquer is a hard, durable coat, also called Topcoat.
It is a 2-pot paint system with endless color choices. You can choose to have full customization, including going for a luxury glossy finish. Since lacquer dries very fast, we can put multiple coats in a single day for extra protection. It is one of the most famous conventional materials for kitchen cabinets, available in flat, semi-gloss or glossy.


Our expert CNC designers’ team bring life to your designs with a high degree of precision. CNC stands for computer numerical control. The programmers and designers feed your intricate designs into the computer and replicate them onto MDF boards by using CNC machines, which ensures full accuracy, optimization, and high speed of execution.
With a collaboration of CNC machines and our programming software, we can ensure the best possible material yield. For instance, you will get the desired thickness and edge tape color for cabinet components and several choices for your projects like shelf boring and pre-drilled hinge plate locators. If required, we can also provide pilot holes for drawer slides.


MDF doors offered by us have a standard thickness, but you can customize if you want. Similarly, the thickness range of MDF sheets has some specific sizes available only in raw MDF back or White Melamine back or both. Below is a summary of the thickness of all the MDF doors and sheets.

MDF Doors

Are available in 3/4, 7/8 inches, or Custom Thicknesses

MDF Sheets

A range of thicknesses from 1/4 to 2 inches
1. MDF Sheets with Raw MDF Back or White Melamine Back – 3/4, 7/8, 1, 1 1/8 inches
2. MDF Sheets with only Raw MDF Back – 1/4, 3/8, 5/8, 1 1/4, 1 1/2, and 2 inches


As already mentioned, MDF sheets come in either raw MDF or white melamine backing. The white melamine backing is usually preferred because it controls possible warping and can paint after sanding it a little. But many kitchen suppliers do not bother to finish the melamine back and leave it as it is. There are chances of potential discoloring of paint due to mishandling.


Do you want to add a little extra detailing or dimension to your doors and drawers? It is essential to specify your choice of edging at the time of placing the order. In case you mention “None,” we will supply standard doors with a straight edge, which may be a little softened by sanding. We offer you to choose from ten different outside edge profiles. We add all these profiles to the doors and drawers but remember that they take away your flat rail dimensions.


Unlike one-piece doors, if you are looking for a traditional look with an added detailing of typical craftsmanship like a 5-piece door, we can provide back pocket options. By default, we include back pocketing operation only for the doors and not the drawers, posts, or panels. It comes with an inset center panel on the back for doors only, unless mentioned otherwise.


We can change any door to a single lite frame, which will be the center of focus for your kitchen matching the frame doors with the kitchen cabinetry. You can choose the interior profiles as per your liking to create a pocket for inserts like glass, mirror, or colored panels.


There are a host of design frame door-style collections. You may like to explore those styles or visit the showroom to check out how a few of the samples look and could make all the difference.
Don’t worry if the range does not meet your expectations, and you have something else on your mind. Please send your designs or inspirational images to let us explore if we can do it for you.


We can also improve focus by adding customized panels for hoods, fridges, and island units. For instance, it is possible to hide your refrigerator by adding matching panels.
Your favorite designs inspire us to customize so that we bring those designs to life. We have logistics support to ensure that we get a perfect fit for your rails, shapes, reveals, and stiles made in custom sizes.


All integrated handles provide a sleek look by doing away with the usual hardware like knobs and handles. The hardware could be a sort of interference for you, and by providing integrated handles, we strive to improve the ergonomics of the kitchen cabinetry. These integrated handles come as a cut into the door in two design choices:
1. Within the door/drawer
2. Along the edge of the door/drawer – entire length, or partly, or in between


Some small design elements are quite popular. They include fluted designs, custom columns, decorative toe-kicks, multi-panels, and posts. They are usually smaller but quite attractive. We even provide posts in small width of 3 inches so that they match well with door styles.


We have two design choices for beadboard insert panels, namely V-grooved or bead styles. They are compatible with our shaker door styles. There are several other door styles and frames, which you can use along with these beadboard insert panels. In case of any compatibility issues, feel free to contact us.