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Our dedicated team  have over 40 years of industry experience for commercial and residential cabinets, closets, shelving, desks and counters.

Smart Choice Kitchens Cabinets

Smart Choice Kitchens has over 30 years successful experience  in custom cabinets in style and sizes cut and installed in your kitchen.   Quality design and finishing. Flush-inset, mitered, Flat panel, traditional and shaker styles.

Custom Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom vanities cut and installed for your  bathroom sinks, or closets. Modern or heritage styles we customize for your home and lifestyle. Pull out shelving for your convenience.

CNC Router Machining

Smart Choice Kitchens CNC machining to cut any design or size of doors or shelves or cabinets. Have you seen a style in a magazine that you love? We are experts at making your dreams come true.

Refacing Doors or Replace Doors

Renovate your kitchen, bathroom or closets with  cabinet doors, Bring refacing to a new heights. Cut to measure for existing cabinet boxes

Architectural Paneling

Architecture wall paneling comes alive with added character and designs that are stained to compliment your living or office area.

Built-In Organizers and Closets

We are artists at custom built-ins for bathrooms, closets, kitchen pantries, mudrooms, laundry rooms, master bedrooms and libraries, Show us the space and the type of organizers you need and we build to fit.

Solid Surface Countertops

For kitchens, medical clinics, restaurants. Greenguard safety certification.

Kelowna BC Lifestyle

Kelowna’s placement in the middle of a valley, coupled with its proximity to the beautiful Okanagan Lake and surrounding majestic landscape makes it a popular destination for tourists seeking a thrill. Boating, swimming, skiing, fishing, and wine tasting are among the most common activities, but if you want to give yourself a real challenge, you should consider hiking any of the city’s famous trails.

Your heart will thank you for it, but the real reward lies in the spectacular, breathtaking mountain top view of Kelowna and the Okanagan Lake sprawled out around you like a sleeping kitten. On the way, you may even meet exotic, curious wildlife and birds.

Depending on your abilities, and how long you want to spend, there are several hiking routes in Kelowna. If you’re looking for recommendations, here’s three of my favorites:

Apex Trail on Knox Mountain

Knox Mountain is the pick of the bunch. It’s easy to locate, and the views from the top can only be described as stunning. Apex Trail is moderately challenging, although you get to decide how long you want to walk. You can drive halfway up the trail and hike the rest, or even all the way up, if you want to. If you feel up for it, you can start your hike from the bottom of Knox Mountain, all the way to the top.

The trail is a bit slippery, and there are steep inclines in some places. There are also about a dozen other trails on Knox Mountain, in case you want to spice things up a bit.

Paul’s Tomb Trail

Paul’s Tomb Trail is easy and short, making it perhaps the most popular hiking trail in Kelowna. Apart from its easy accessibility, it’s easy to see the appeal of this trail. The trail is right next to the shore of Okanagan Lake, so it offers lovely views of the lake, especially at the top. The trail also ends at a pebble beach, perfect for swimming and picnics. 

As this is one of the most popular trails, it’s also one of the most populated, so you should expect to find other people and families on it, whenever you choose to make the hike.

Crawford Hike

This one offers a real challenge! It’s moderately difficult, and you’ll need to do a bit of clambering down steep boulders to reach the bottom. But the view of two waterfalls at the end of the hike will make all your efforts completely worth it.

Crawford Hike is located right at the bottom of a canyon in Crawford and is understandably not the most visited. To get there, you’ll have to either climb down a very steep route with the aid of ropes or go through a roundabout route, albeit one that’s much safer and less tasking the former. 

This trail is a bit out of the way, and it’ll take more than a little dedication to get to it, but its relative seclusion is a big plus for me. The experience is a lot more personal and meaningful because of it. 


Is Kelowna A Good Place To Live?

While Kelowna is more commonly regarded as a tourist destination, it is also a great place to live, as most locals will tell you. The scenery and landscape are pretty gorgeous, and the amenities are impressively adequate. Best of all, the cost of living is lower in Kelowna than in most other places in the country, with the average cost of living for an adult maxing out at about 1200 CAD, excluding rent. While there have been instances of crime recorded, the number is also on the low side.

Are There Bears In Kelowna?

According to available historical sources, the city of Kelowna was named after a brown bear. At that time, brown bears were numerous in the area. These days, their numbers are much reduced, even though they do still exist in Kelowna. Black bears are also fairly common in the city. Mission Creek Regional Park, and close to it, Scenic Canyon Regional Park, are known hotspots. Other animals such as coyotes, deer, bobcats, cougars, and marmots also make their home in Kelowna.

What’s The Best Hiking Trail In Kelowna?

If you asked people in Kelowna what they think the best hiking route in the city is, the verdict is likely to come back overwhelmingly in favor of Apex Trail on Knox Mountain. For one thing, Apex Trail is fairly short and easy to hike, with minimal incline, which means that the hike is accessible to practically everyone, including people on wheelchairs. Secondly, the views on offer on this trail are simply splendid, while there’s always a chance of meeting exotic wildlife on the way. This trail offers something to everyone, including nature lovers and hiking enthusiasts.

What Are The Best Times To Visit These Hiking Trails?

Generally, the best time to visit these trails is during summer, or in some cases, in autumn, when the colors of surrounding foliage are at their most boisterous. The trails are open around 8 am and stay open until daylight begins to fade. Knox Mountain is closed during the coldest months of winter and in summers where the threat of forest fires is deemed too great. Nevertheless, hiking outside the coldest days of the year in Kelowna (January and February), and the hottest days (July and August) is an enjoyable experience.

What Are The Amenities Present In Kelowna?

With a myriad of medical offices, dentists, specialists, and surgeons, and the biggest and most comprehensive medical facility in the province, Kelowna is well covered on the medical front. Kelowna also boasts a wide array of schools for various grades. In addition, Okanagan College is a superb higher institution, and the Okanagan Campus of the University of British Columbia is located in Kelowna. For entertainment, there are several theaters, parks, art galleries, studios, and community events centers hosting regular shows and concerts. For sports lovers, Apple Bowl and Prospera Place are boisterous, atmospheric places to catch the home teams play.

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